Returning the vehicle

We are happy that we could be there for you during the usage term of your vehicle!

We hope you were satisfied with our services during the usage term of your business vehicle! In order to ensure that everything also run smoothly on the vehicle return day, a few notes.

Please return the leasing vehicle to ALD Automotive or the dealer (with separate contractual agreement) at the end of the contractual term. Please coordinate a return date with our customer care specialist in order to prevent unnecessary waits.

We will complete a return log together with you. it will capture the optical and technical state of the vehicle and any missing parts. In this connection we ask you to return the vehicle in a clean state.

Download return protocol [PDF] (german)

Damage will be assessed pursuant to the criteria of fair vehicle valuation, a quality standard of the VMF (association of brand-independent fleet management companies). You can find an overview of the criteria in our brochure "Valuation criteria".

Download wear and tear guidelines [PDF] (german)

Please consider the following when returning your vehicle

  • Remove all personal items from the vehicle
  • Please place any additional tires included contractually in the trunk at the time of return.
  • Please ensure that you return the vehicle with the same fuel level as when you received it (ca. 10-15 liters)
  • Subsequent equipment / tuning: Subsequent installation of equipment in or technical changes to the vehicle always require the prior written consent of ALD Automotive. These costs are not part of the leasing vehicle. The leasing vehicle must be returned in the original state unless otherwise determined in the contract.

Please ensure that the equipment and the following documentation is complete:

  • National car license I
  • All keys
  • Certificate of technical / exhaust inspection
  • ALD service card
  • Fuel card(s)
  • All equipment
  • Winter tires (if acquired from ALD Automotive)
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