Your vehicle pool numbers – Your cockpit

Constantly updated reports provide you with cost overviews and recommended actions. Put mileage outliers, damage statistics, or consumption on your radar.

30 well-organized reports in five categories concerning vehicle pool structure, mileages and cost outliers, fuel consumption, and expiring contracts are provided in various formats. Focus on the essential aspects of your vehicle pool by individually entering selection parameters!

You can classify your vehicles at any time by entering customer number, customer name, cost center, official registration, and driver name. 

Your benefits

  • Your most important vehicle pool indicators are already programmed and make costs, developments, and impending expenses in your vehicle pool transparent.
  • Every request for reports results in an update - making a manual comparison of various data sets superfluous.
  • Based on the booked services, you will receive a detailed list of what makes up your monthly rate.
  • The fuel data overview compares the target and actual consumption of your fleet
  • Information about overage/shortfall mileages show you what contracts should to be adjusted - adjustments can be made directly in My ALD
  • You can see the average CO2 values of your fleet at a glance
  • The greater the ordered service level and the higher the number of leased cars under our management, the more meaningful are the reports and recommended actions

Go directly to fleet reporting in our customer portal My ALD: (german). Should you still not have access, please contact the vehicle pool manager of your company or your account manager at ALD Automotive.

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