We take on responsibility for the environment

As one of the leading European companies in the areas of full-service leasing and fleet management, in addition the economic aspects of your vehicle pool to we also look at the ecological aspects. We provide competent consulting in terms of reducing the CO2 emissions of your fleet and also consider the economic view.

What alternative drive systems are there - today and in the future?

Natural gas or ethanol? Hybrid engines: Gasoline or Diesel? Electro or combustion engine?
There are many alternatives in terms of drives. For this reason we support you in your search for alternatives to the common gasoline engine and will determine together with you what drive type makes sense for which vehicle in your fleet.

Driving training: Drive with awareness, save gasoline

Economical driving not only lowers fuel consumption but also minimizes wear. Corresponding driver training increase the efficiency and economy of your vehicle pool and reduce fuel consumption. Potential savings almost always lie in the double-digit percentage range. In order to utilize these benefits for yourself, we offer driver training in cooperation with our partners.

Time to change: When vehicles with fuel-saving technology pay off

Vehicles with environmentally safe technology result in lower fuel consumption and reduced emission of pollutants and help your wallet and the environment recover quickly. We can determine for you at what mileages different vehicles with fuel-saving technology become economically feasible for you using a TCO-Analysis.

Ask us about the environment and vehicle pools. We have the answers!

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