Partner Network

ALD International is present where you need them. World-wide.

This is certainly true for the classical leasing markets like Germany, the UK, or the Netherlands but also for growth markets like China, India, or Brazil. With a presence in 43 countries world-wide, we are market leaders in the geographical coverage of vehicle pool leasing and vehicle pool management.

In addition, we offer you cooperation in 12 other countries with our partners Wheels Inc. in North America, FleetPartners in Australia and New Zealand, Absa in South Africa, AutoCorp in Argentina and Arrend Leasing in Central America.

Wheels Inc.


Wheels Inc. was the pioneer of vehicle leasing in 1939 and provides the complete bandwidth of services in order to make fleet management easier for companies. Wheels has more than 300,000 vehicles in its inventory in North America. The parent company Frank Consolidated Enterprises with sales of 2 billion US Dollars is currently one of the largest privately owned fleet management companies and one of the largest private companies in North America.

Fleet Partners

FleetPartners is a leasing company which manages 60,000 vehicles in Australia and New Zealand. Thanks to its comprehensive product range, FleetPartners ensure that its customers can stay mobile: The company covers all customer groups from multinational corporations with business vehicle pool to small companies with ten vehicles all the way to the financing needs of individual drivers.

Absa Vehicle Management Solutions

Absa Vehicle Management Solutions was founded in 1980 and is a fleet management expert located in Sandton/Johannesburg (South Africa). The portfolio of the provider with about 30,000 vehicles in its inventory includes comprehensive and innovative services for vehicle management for fleet and private customers which are customized to specific fleet requirements.


AutoCorp is a well recognised company delivering customised and efficient full service leasing to many multinational firms all across the country. Based in Buenos Aires, it has a national coverage.


Arrend Leasing

Arrend Leasing is a well recognised company, operating for 23 years on the market, and delivering excellent client services, customised to many companies all across the region. Based in Guatemala, it is the only leasing company in Central America providing regional coverage with a presence in Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala.

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