Wear and Tear Guidelines

Fair. Economic. Transparent.

Clear conditions are the basis for a successful business relationship.

The VMF – the association of brand-independent fleet management companies – unifies almost all brand-independent leasing companies which are important on the market. ALD Automotive has been a member of the association formed in 1998 and applies the vehicle valuation criteria developed by VMF.

So there are no unwelcome surprises at the end, the fair vehicle valuation shows up front how we will valuate your leased vehicles at the end of the contract. ALD Automotive uses a transparent procedure certified by RWTÜV based on the reduced value.

What is the "fair vehicle valuation VMF®"?

"Fair vehicle valuation VMF®“, which originally only applied to members of the VMF, regulates from the beginning how damage which arises during the use of the lease vehicle is settled in the end. The most favorable contract in the beginning is not always the most favorable contract in the end. When returning the vehicle at the end of the lease we see whether even the smallest dings are charged in order to cover expenses or whether more generously only actual wear damage is charged. This way you as demanding vehicle pool manager can plan everything the right way and summarize at the end: "In retrospect, a good ride!".

Who evaluates the vehicle upon return?

At ALD Automotive as a member of VMF, the return of lease vehicles follows clearly regulated standards. This includes an independent vehicle expert who evaluates the vehicle as assessor – for maximum transparency and neutrality.

What is charged?

The reduced value certificate is based on a detailed return log including picture documentation. Damage is not assessed at repair cost but merely at the clearly lower reduced value – i.e. the value by which the resale value of the vehicle has reduced due to the damage. The assessor also always considers the age and mileage of the vehicle. In general, before replacing parts, the experts check repairs and prefer (if possible) cheaper smart repairs over expensive paint jobs. In many cases damage is accepted free of charge. In case of safety-relevant deficiencies or improperly repaired accident damage, the full repair value is charged.

Your benefits

  • Certified, traceable, and transparent valuation criteria
  • You know what the settlement basis is from the outset for damage which may arise on the vehicle during the term
  • Pick-up at company headquarters or return at our central used car depot
  • Maximum transparency in return process and settlement
  • Use of neutral assessors
  • A joint return log is created and signed when the vehicle is returned - it documents all damage precisely
  • Log and pictures form the basis for any damage settlement

At a glance

Our brochure "Valuation criteria - fair vehicle valuation VMF®" lists the specific criteria for damage settlement for VMF members. Accepted wear and not accepted damage is listed in detail and compared. You will find: This is fair, economical, and transparent.


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