Take advantage of the benefits which full-service leasing offers you as intelligent and economical alternative to purchasing your vehicles.

Full-service leasing – the intelligent and economical alternative

The basic principle of full-service leasing is very simple: Use the benefits which the financing type 'leasing' offers. In addition, you turn over the administrative work for your vehicle pool to a vehicle pool expert. You can define your individual pool solutions using our products and services. Enjoy the ALD Automotive major customer conditions.

Our full-service idea of course does not only refers to vehicles and their users but in particular the vehicle pool manager. In order to relieve the vehicle pool manager, we offer comprehensive modular services.

Full-service leasing – your benefits

  • Slender processes due to service modules
  • Reduced economic exposure for your company in terms of interest change, operator and utilization risks in vehicle pool management due to outsourcing
  • Relief of personnel resources
  • Greater liquidity
  • Fixed calculable and budgetable costs
  • In-period assignment of expenses
  • Tax aspects
  • Reduction of risk for vehicle pool operator
  • No outdated and thus cost-intensive vehicles
  • Cost decrease due to lower administrative expenses
  • Increased competitiveness due to streamlined administration
  • Greater employee motivation
  • Vehicles are always state of the art
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