Finance / Operational Lease

In finance leasing, you have a choice between two different contract variants:

Kilometer leasing contract

This contract variant is the most popular one. The contractual basis is the concluded term and mileage for the individual vehicle. When the contract ends, the vehicle is returned to the lessor. ALD Automotive carries the full marketing / residual value risk. If at the end of the contract, the actual mileage deviates from the originally agree mileage, any excess and shortfall mileages are settled with the lessee according to previously contractually specified cent rates.

In case the vehicle exhibits damage beyond usual wear, they are settled as part of the fair vehicle assessment. This ensures that the use of the vehicle remains calculable and budgetable for the lessee. Your finance controlling will thanks you!

Residual value contract

Corresponding to the contractual term and mileage, in this contract variant the expected calculatory residual value at the end of the contractual term is defined by contract. After the end of the contract, the vehicle is sold on the market and the sales revenue compared to the contractual residual value. The lessee receives 75% of any excess revenue. The remaining 25 % of the excess revenue remain with the lessor as economic owner. If there is a subsequent contract, the remaining 25% are paid to the lessee as bonus. The lessee must compensate for any revenue shortfall.

In contracts with pre-emption right, upon request of the lessor, the lessee is obligated to buy the lease object at the contractually calculated residual value. However, the lessee does not have a right to purchase the lease object.

Receipt of the pre-emption statement constitutes the conclusion of a sales contract between lessor and lessee.

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