Insurance Service

Playing it safe – with our
insurance service

ALD Automotive offers you an innovative tool box of insurance and damage management concepts. Select your customized solution – no matter whether the path there leads over a tender or our own insurance alternatives! We take care of everything else.

Independent of how many vehicles are leased at ALD Automotive: We strive to optimize your processes and vehicle pool costs – for your entire vehicle pool. The product spectrum begins with individual insurance comparisons and ranges all the way to innovative insurance alternatives such as the ALD Insurance Special.

The professional premium and damage handling as well as internet reporting contribute to clearly reducing the costs of your fleet management.

Your benefits

  • Bundling the insurances of our customers when purchasing can result in potential savings of
    more than 15 %
  • Independent of your current insurer or leasing provider and financing type
  • Customized concept for your entire vehicle pool
  • Innovative insurance products
  • Transparency via online damage reporting
  • Professional risk analysis
  • Outsourcing of premium and damage handling
  • Active damage management
  • "Around the clock" care
  • Provision of mechanic and rental car partners
our Hotline:
+49 40 47104-0