We support you in the electrification of your fleet.

As a first mover in  powertrain transition, we intend to lead the market in the shift to low emission vehicles. We truly believe that the future is electric. 

Our goal is to make this transition simple and accessible thanks to our global Electric Vehicle Programme, energy transition advisory support and expertise, targeted partnerships and all-inclusive EV offering. 

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Our Services

  • Design of environmentally friendly car policies
  • Consulting on the use of alternative drives:
  • Analysis of the driving profiles
  • Presentation of possible concepts according to the driving profiles
  • Solutions for charging infrastructure at the company headquarters and at the residence of the vehicle users
  • Provision of fuel and charging cards
  • Coordination of the complete implementation
  • Consulting on load management concepts
  • Assistance in accessing federal and state funding
  • Provision of cross-manufacturer test vehicles
  • Driver training for fuel-efficient vehicle handling


Do you want a holistic concept for your fleet?

Take advantage of the expertise of our subsidiary Car Professional Management, which develops the smooth, pragmatic and efficient integration of electromobility as a holistic concept and supports you in its implementation.

Advantages of electromobility

Environmental and climate protection
Environmental and climate protection
as a contribution to your company's sustainability strategy
Positive image effect
Positive image effect
with customers, employees and applicants
Innovative strength
Innovative strength
through the implementation of state-of-the-art technology
TCO savings
TCO savings
for certain driver profiles
Support measures
Support measures
by the federal and state governments
Tax advantages
Tax advantages
through reduced taxation of the non-cash benefit

Current news

There is a lot going on in the field of electromobility. To help you keep track of current developments and funding measures, we regularly summarize them for you.

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Would you like a test drive?

We would be pleased to offer you the opportunity to test the alternative drives for their practical suitability - please contact us!

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