Salary Waiver

User chooser, "cafeteria model", or simply salary converter? Use the expertise of ALD Automotive when revising or introducing a new individual remuneration model in your company.

A salary conversion model should generally fulfill several goals

  • Motivation and binding of existing employees
  • Benefits when recruiting new employees
  • Tax benefits for employer and employee
  • More positive image for employer and employee

Only few employees in HR have comprehensive experience in handling motivation models. Having a competent partner by your side with experience in various salary conversion models is thus a decisive benefit when implementing or revising such remuneration models. Economy and motivation do not have to be opposites!

Our expertise and innovative car configurators plus interfaces to the usual SAP and payroll accounting systems ensure smooth operations for both employer and employee.

You benefits with a professional salary conversion model

  • Employee motivation: Your business success strongly depends on the motivation of your employees. Good employees should always feel that they are an important and appreciated part of the company.
  • From rationality to emotion: Special leasing models unify the rational interests of your company and the emotional needs of your employees. Your company does not incur additional administrative expenses since we take on all services. Our independence from manufacturers allow your employees to select freely from all makes and models and also to use the vehicle privately. Both vehicle user and the company can earn tax benefits from this. 
  • Company vehicle as salary conversion: Your employee pays lower taxes for the financial benefit of a leased vehicle than for his cash salary. A company vehicle thus decreases the income tax of your employee if he decides to convert part of his salary into an equivalent financial benefit via a business car. If your employees select additional equipment or a higher vehicle class, these added costs are also passed on to the employee. So you can quickly and easily account for these costs in your company's monthly payroll accounting, we will gladly provide you with the individual totals of the employees in data form for your accounting system.
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