Our goal is to reduce your overall costs by optimizing your processes.

The financial leasing rate is usually only 30 percent of your costs. We increase the efficiency of your fleet!

Our approach of an individual and at the same time holistic consultation includes that we examine your fleet structure, your processes and your individual requirements together with you and through targeted analyzes and reports. Because purely price-oriented approaches are often no longer sufficient to achieve long-term and sustainable cost reductions.

Where is there potential for savings? How can the environmental balance of your fleet be improved? Which financing models are most suitable for you? Which parameters can be used to optimize your car policy? Our experts will find answers!

It is important to us to find the ideal combination of economy, quality and sustainability that meets your corporate goals and the requirements of your fleet. As a holistic provider of full-service leasing and fleet management, we are the reliable partner at your side. Let's drive together!

Our services

  • Process cost analysis: We analyze the process costs of your internal fleet management and make concrete recommendations for cost optimization.
  • Fleet analysis: We assess and analyze your vehicle fleet in terms of purpose, degree of utilization, motorization and equipment of the vehicles.
  • Car policy benchmark: We question your existing car policy and, if necessary, revise your existing regulation on the basis of well-founded TCO analyses.
  • Salary conversion models: Are you considering introducing a salary conversion model in your company? We offer you our extensive expertise in this complex field. Profitability and motivation do not have to contradict each other.
  • ALD bluefleet: We actively support you in implementing your environmental policy. ALD Automotive actively promotes the trend towards environmental awareness in the vehicle fleet and focuses its consulting expertise on both the ecological and the economic aspects of vehicle fleet management.
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