Tyre Service

Stay close to the ground –
with our tyre service

Take advantage of our comprehensive tyre service for summer and winter tires including optional services such as balancing, tire change, and storage. In order to take advantage of the services, your vehicle users simply present their service card at one of our more than 3,600 Germany-wide cooperation partners and order. We will take care of everything else.

Depending on term/mileage, a monthly flat rate is agreed for the duration of the leasing contract. You can select between unlimited and limited tyre replacement. Depending on agreed variant, we take on the price increase and wear risk as well as administrative work.

Your benefits

  • Germany-wide network with about 3,600 tyre partners
  • Major customer conditions
  • Capped, reliable costs – no risk in case of tire price increases and exclusion of wear risk
  • Service including tyre change and balancing, storage (optional)
  • Tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) included
  • Free selection of models
  • UVV testing can be integrated
  • Tyre damage is covered by allotment
  • By bundling your volume to one or two tire chains, we can further decrease your costs
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