Sale and Lease Back

Do you have a vehicle pool and have been purchasing your vehicles? But you would really like to relieve your assets and rather invest your capital into the core business of your company instead of tying up your financial means in the vehicle pool?

Then use the benefits of SALB – short for sale-and-lease-back! We buy your vehicles and then lease them back to you. This immediately increases your liquidity while enabling you to use the vehicles as before.

In addition, you can use our comprehensive services. Last but not least, at the end of the agreed usage period we take on the marketing of the vehicles.

Your benefits

  • Homogeneous vehicle pool financing
  • Clearly increases liquidity
  • Successive replacement of old vehicles
  • Structure the vehicle pool according to your needs
  • Administrative relief (due to full-service leasing)
  • Professional marketing of the vehicles
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