Taking possession of your vehicle

Congratulations to your new business car.


The day of the vehicle transfer is coming? Getting excited? To make sure that everything goes smoothly on the transfer day, read here what you should keep in mind.

Please check immediately at the vehicle transfer whether the vehicle is delivered as agreed and has no defects. Deviations or defects must be reported to ALD immediately. In addition, we ask you document the number of keys and the odometer value at the time of the transfer.

During the vehicle transfer you will receive the following documentation - please store them carefully:

  • National car license Part I
  • User manual


Depending on agreed services you will also receive:

  • ALD service file
  • ALD service card
  • Fuel card Aral (accepting partners: Aral/BP, Agip, OMV, Statoil, Westfalen)
  • Fuel card euroShell (accepting partners: Shell, Avia, bft, Esso, SB Tanken, Total)

You can also find all gas stations in our free My ALD app, available from Apple App Store and Google Play Store: 



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