Damages and Breakage of Glass

Accident can happen quickly. In case of an accident, it is important to stay calm.

In order to ensure the claims of your company, it is important to document the damage and the circumstances of the accident in detail. You will find a vehicle damage report form here and in the service folder. It gives you a good guideline of what to document and record. Pictures of the accident site can also help enforce later claims.

Download Damage report form [PDF]

You can also report damage via our online customer portal My ALD (www.myald.de (german)).

Important: Your drivers should immediately contact you as vehicle pool manager in case of damage so you can tell them to whom to report the damage.

You will also find an overview here of how to behave in case of damage:

Information Case of damage [PDF] (german)


Glass damage

A small rock chip in the windscreen does not have to turn into a major problem. Turn to one of the Germany-wide branches of our partner Carglass!

In many cases it is avoidable to have to install a completely new windscreen after a rock chip - and the associated loss of time and money. Turn to one of the Germany-wide branches of our partner CARGLASS (german):

Your benefits

  • Repair or replacement of vehicle glass for every vehicle model
  • Around-the-clock service (available in select branches)
  • Germany-wide service centers or mobile service available

Quick help in case of glass damage

  • Call our 24/7 hotline: +49 800 52 63 769 (german). They will tell you the nearest CARGLASS station
  • You can also find a list of CARGLASS service centers in Germany here:
    Download [XLS] (german)
  • Of course, you also have access to your ALD Automotive consultant from our office or field service team
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